Black Dress Shirts

Black dress shirts. The great equalizer amongst formal wear. The simple fact is, no one wears Ray Bans like the Blues Brothers. No one wears a pencil ‘stache like Clark Gable. And no one wears black like Johnny Cash.

The Man in Black

There are a few guidelines and suggestions as to how to NOT look like you’re playing in a middle school band concert. Here they are.

The way you wear it. Black shirts, much like black suits, look best when well fitted. Wear the shirt close to your body and buy the smallest size that’ll fit. Black on black makes you look like a Catholic priest or a corpse. Use that. Wear a high, tight collar to create the sharp and tight lines you want.

Shine. Black looks good wet. Wear glossy black shoes that stand out and a tie that looks wetter than the shirt. Color of the tie is up to the wearer but take the following into account…

Redundancy. What does black look best with? Lots more black. The “Le Chiffre” look (see above) is dramatic and clean. It is confident and agressive. In a room full of black suits and black ties, it makes a statement. But whether it says “orchestra member” or “orchestrates weapons deals” is up to you. Here’s my attempt at the black-on-black.


~ by Kyle on November 7, 2011.

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