Tetley’s British Blend

As far as American blended teas go, Tetley’s “British Blend” is a hallmark. I find it a quite suitable alternative to many British-tasting teas (like a Twinnings UK or PG Tips) and find that, while Twinnings is not, Tetley is comparable on both sides of the pond.

British Blend is a rich reddish brown tea and is comfortably one of my favorite hot black teas. It boasts a no-nonsense black tea profile with a lot of tannins. It infuses heavily so I generally leave it right at a 4 minute steep time rather than giving it the extra minute I like to give Earl Grey teas.

Even as it cools, it maintains a “hot” taste and never loses composure. For this reason, I enjoy it as a full bodied iced tea. You may find it gets a little “sandy”-feeling from the high tannin concentration but I find a dab of cold water in the glass or a few cubes of ice quickly makes it more than user friendly. Sipping it “neat” is also enjoyable; letting the heavy flavor gently creep across your palate.


~ by Kyle on November 8, 2011.

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