Toque Snuff’s Absinthe

I ordered a small sampler of Toque dry snuffs to see what I thought of the hobby. The men in my family have a long and puzzling proclivity to liccorice. For this reason, I thought I would really enjoy Toque’s Absinthe due to the heavy notes of anise it was reputed to contain.

In the tin, this snuff has a wonderful “snuffy” aroma of sharp, toasted tobacco. Its an aroma I’ve never experienced until I started trying out some different dry snuffs. Its a very iconic smell that I’ve noticed in my pipe smoke as well. As far as the tin goes, I got a 10 g one and immediately peeled the sticker off. No gentleman should have to bear the embarassment of these gaudy yellow, black, and red eyesores. A simple label akin to that which graces the lids of my cellar jars replaced it.

The texture of this snuff seems quite fine, but I do have to warn that I am a neophyte of fine snuff. When I take a pinch, I find it impossible to keep the snuff out of my throat. I claim it as a beginner’s struggle but I do also have to give credit to the grind of this snuff (possibly to preserve my pride). A pinch between the fingers leaves a little bit of dust on my finger tips after I take it, if that is any indicator of grind.

The scent is wonderful. For anyone that enjoys liccorice, I recommend this snuff. It is a simple, dry anise scent. I find it reminiscent of good, chewy liccorice, the kind you have to leave in your mouth a while to soften up.

All things considered, this was a great snuff. If I ordered again soon, I would include another tin of this.


~ by Kyle on November 8, 2011.

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