Lately, I’ve been getting more and more conscious of the clothes I wear. I’ve come to realize (or decide) that being dressed well is akin to having a good handshake, eye contact, and manners. People respect people who are conscious of their appearance. And I don’t mean self conscious, just meticulous enough to take themselves seriously.

A couple of blogs have caught my eye so here’s a bit of free advertisement to all you style guys (and gals!) out there that I’ve been reading.

Dappered – This is a fantastic resource that I find myself checking more and more often. Their tag says it perfectly “Fashion is temporary and expensive. Style is timeless and affordable. Dappered helps you work the retail system so that you can be comfortable, look sharp, and save money.” These aren’t the kind of guys that’ll have you using 8 different products to style your hair in the morning. This isn’t a website you’ll delete from your history for fear of your friends stumbling upon it. This is no-nonsense advice on how to not look like you’re on your way to a PTA meeting.

The Style Blogger – I like this guy. But he’s often the opposite of the “Fashion < Style” argument of Dappered’s crew. Not that the guy doesn’t look good. He’s very well dressed. But he’s definitely fashionable too. I like to check out this blog for a little bit of extra credit. There are always a few things that sit at the forefront of men’s fashion, like chukka boots right now. This guy is great for when you ask “what else?” Maybe you don’t like chukkas. I don’t. Ran through a bunch of his pictures, fell in love with the idea of suede wingtips instead of boots. Now I’m sitting here typing up a post after picking up a pair online.

Style Girlfriend – A fantastic blog from the POV of a charming young woman whose only desire is to expose an answer to the ever present question… “what is she thinking?” I have to say, Dappered and The Style Girlfriend are my go-to advisers. And, honestly, how couldn’t I love this blog? It’s got great advice and a few shots of pretty miss columnist herself sprinkled in for good measure.


~ by Kyle on March 16, 2012.

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